About The Srian

The Srian is a men’s skincare and grooming product review blog by S. B. Hadley Wilson, writer and candlemaker at soy candle company Tangtongtavy. The name is a fusion of Wilson’s first two names, Srisak (“c-sack”) and Brian, so Srian is pronounced “c-n.”

About S B Hadley Wilson

After walking away from corporate America in 2011 to write stories about love, which Wilson thought was his only passion, he identified a second one: skincare. However, the realization of this passion was not an epiphany.

For more than two decades, Wilson has enthusiastically spent time at the counters of boutiques on Market Street in San Francisco to department stores on Madison Avenue in New York City, buying copious amounts of products for his face and body. So, once he allowed his second passion to consume his thoughts, he created The Srian to shares his voice in men’s skincare and grooming.

Wilson hopes this can be a place where he can connect guys to products that he thinks are wonderful and keep them away from products that he thinks are whack.

Wilson would love to hear your feedback on the selected products.


Feel free to contact Wilson at info@thesrian.com or hang out with him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.