When I started using the MenScience Daily Face Wash it was last winter, so I was a little concerned about trying a new face wash and having it agitate my skin. However, I figured it would be okay since it was on the shelves at Barneys, a retailer where I’ve found some of the best products for my face.

The results? It’s good.

If you’re in the market for a face wash with packaging that’s masculine and minimal, and that leaves your face feeling and looking clean then you should definitely check it out. Although, I must state in the beginning there was a chemically scent but it seems to have dissipated over the months. But the initial scent’s a minimal concern when you consider it’s only $28 for 8 oz.–very budget-friendly when compared to my evening face washes that cost twice as much for half as many ounces. (Oy!)

But price aside, the reason I’ve continued with this product is because it works extremely well with my Clarisonic Alpha Fit, which my evening products don’t, and it’s lasted forever!